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Nothing Compares to a Blueprint BDC!

With over 20 years experience working side by side with many of the nations largest auto dealerships, Blueprint has become an industry leader in building dynamic, game-changing Business Development Centers

Our industry background combined with the latest technology and the most advanced training techniques will help turn your Service BDC into a model of success.



Here is how blueprint can help

Improve Training

After spending the past 20 years creating training curriculums and call guide strategies, the staple of our success begins with certification training that carries your associates to the level of “Mastery”.

Lift Performance

By evaluating more than 60 different Key Performance indicators, we’re able to create processes that drive performance to a whole new level.

Effective Policies

Policies and procedures drive the daily activities of any department. Drawing on our years of experience, Blueprint helps you create and establish polices and procedures that produce maximum results.

Happy Employees

Happy employees mean happy customers! With our extensive library of monthly contests, games & head to head competitions, we’ll show you how to keep “work” exciting and fun!

Pay & Incentive

Pay plans drive behavior. We’ve tested over 30 different pay plans in order to secure pay plans that produce maximum effort and “self” police production at the same time.

Selling Strategies

One of our secret weapons! We will train your Service Coordinators to master the “up sell” and “suggestive” selling, using NLP techniques that are time tested and proven.

Is the Talent There?

Sometimes lack of sales comes down to not having the right people in place. We can help you review talent.


Whether you have an existing Service BDC or you want to establish one, Blueprint can help.

See What Top Dealerships Are Saying About Blueprint

  • Mossy

    Mossy Toyota

    If you want to control shop production, create a better vehicle flow and improve your appointment process you need to hire Blueprint.”

    Dale Snow, Fixed Operations Director
  • longo

    Longo Toyota

    “In working with Blueprint we’ve dramatically improved our ability to handle large volumes of calls and produce results with those calls!

    Tom Rudnai, former President # 1 Dealership in the World & # 1 Toyota dealer in USA for 47 consecutive years.
  • Norm Reeves

    Norm Reeves Honda

    “We’ve worked with Blueprint for the past 7 years and I can say without hesitation they are experts when it comes to training my departments on telephone skills that produce results.

    Brad Mugg, General Manager

    RH Robertson Honda

    Blueprint helped us develop a training curriculum for our advisors and within 6 months we experienced an increase of $42.00 per CP repair order.

    Joe DeRobertis, Fixed Ops Director
  • ToyotaInc

    Toyota Motor Sales USA.

    “Kolbe Meier and the team at Blueprint have helped many of our dealers increase traffic, retention and ultimately, customer loyalty.”

    Steve Waddell, CSR Operations, San Francisco Region

More to Offer

Achieve the full potential of your service department

Your service department should be the most profitable segment of your auto dealership.  That means if you increase service business, even incrementally, it’s going to have a huge impact on your bottom line. Blueprint’s ServiceMastery™ is uniquely positioned to audit and improve your existing Service BDC or establish a new BDC that performs at a highest possible level.

We won’t just show you how to increase service drive traffic; we’ll show you how to turn that business into more profitable work.  By conducting a complete audit of your Service CRM and shop loading processes, we’re able to set up your service reservation system in a manner that leads to maximum shop utilization, which leads to greater efficacy and profitability.

With hundreds of successful projects completed at some of the largest, most prestigious dealerships in the country, we welcome the opportunity to partner with you in order to help you reach your full potential.

Next Steps

Dealerships with existing BDC

AuditService BDC
  • Inbound Service Appointment Calls
  • Inbound Service “Price Shopper”
  • Audit Current Service CRM
  • Inspect Current Training Procedures
  • Inspect Key Performance Indicators
  • Review Phone System Technology
  • Review Pay Plans and Bonus Structure
  • Meet with Management to Discuss Findings
  • Sign Up / Learn More

Dealerships with no Service BDC

NEW BDC Program
  • Recruit Top Level Talent
  • Set up Telephony & Call Queue
  • Establishing Key Performance Indicators
  • Conduct Certification Training with BDC Manager
  • Establish Pay Plans that Drive Behavior
  • Establish Inbound Call Guide Scorecard
  • Conduct Certification Training
  • Provide on-going coaching and training
  • Get Started

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